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Hainault I.T. Services is a company that specializes in FIVE main services: -

PC support (Home)  PC support (Business)
PC Sales Data formatting
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PC support (Home)

Assisting local home PC users with their everyday technical PC support issues.

PC Support is a necessity nowadays even though most computer equipment and software are labelled "easy install", which does tend to encourage users to purchase their products, when in fact from experience we know that this is just not the case and in fact when a home user attempts to install these products it can cause all sorts of problems which at a minimum will cause the new product not to function but in extreme cases can cause the whole system to crash !

This is very frustrating for the user as it wastes time, whether it be for enjoyment (i.e. playing games, listening to music, watching movies, chatting online, browsing the internet) or for business use where it could cause a loss of revenue !

So, whether you have purchased some new software or equipment and are worried about installing it or you have already attempted the installation with no success then your PC support is only a phone call away.

Examples: -

Software installation

Hardware installation (printers, scanners, faxes etc.)

New PC installation

Virus prevention / removal

Memory upgrades

Storage upgrades

Networking (link 2 or more PCs together)

Broadband installation assistance

System recovery after crash

System re-install due to 'clutter'


PC support (Local business)

Technical support for Networks, Servers and individual PC's

Virus protection, Backup solutions, Software upgrades, PC upgrades

Internet access, Bespoke software solutions


PC Sales (via partner company)


Please call for prices.


Data formatting


If you have large amounts of data that you need to transfer into other software packages or a new computer system; and you are concerned about the information being mistyped by user entry or you just need the data loaded very quickly then we have the tools to do this (depending on the capabilities of the target system).

We can re-format and manipulate the data according to your specifications using bespoke code that can apply logic to your data before loading into the target system.





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PC Support